Construction industry slow to recover despite crane covered skyline

SEATTLE - On any given day, easily half a dozen cranes can be seen cranking away on projects around lower Queen Anne. And those cranes account for only a small number of the total yellow that seems to be taking over Seattle's skyline. But don't be fooled, according to a recent story by KUOW, the local construction industry has a long way to go before it reaches employment levels it experienced just several years ago.

An economist with the Employment Security Department told reporter Carolyn Adolph the construction industry was hit harder than any other industry during the recession and it's really only been within the last year and a half things in this sector of the workforce have finally started to turn around.

Another interesting thing to note, according to Adolph, is even though apartment buildings appear to be going up all over, the actual number of new project permits started to decline in the spring.

Despite significant job losses in the construction industry overall, Adolph says public projects, such as Sound Transit's link light rail managed to weather the recession storm and continued moving forward.

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