Concerns raised over uptick in coyote sightings, pet deaths

TACOMA, Wash. - Shannel Lampkey's pet Dizzel likes playing in the backyard, but now he'll never be out alone because of what happened to his pal Asia.

"We decided to bury her right there away from all the weather," Lampskey says.

Neighbors near Tacoma's Northshore Golf Course say they've seen a dramatic increase in dead pets, and coyote sightings. A recent photo even shows a coyote, typically nocturnal, roaming the area around noon.

"Throughout the summer I've definitely noticed there are coyotes living around the golf course," Bart Turchin says.

The golf course backs up to both Lampskey's, and Maureen Larson Bonck's homes.

"We know there's a den over at Meeker," Larson Bonck says.

Meeker Middle School is located in the brambles above the golf course, and residents say the coyotes are not afraid.

"I feel that they are very agressive, they aren't afraid of us at all," Lampskey says.

Neighbors are so concerned, they're hosting a forum to tell State Fish and Wildlife officials about the problem.

"When we see them so frequently, when they are not backing down, and they are scaring people, and there's an infestation in this neighborhood, we would like them to do something about it," Larson Bonck says.

However, like other neighborhoods, it's illegal to kill coyotes without a hunting license, and State Fish and Wildlife officials recommend people take preventative measures.

Even State Representative Jake Fey, who lives in the neighborhood and has lost two cats to coyotes, knows the limits.

"It's a real problem in Northeast Tacoma," Fey says.

The neighborhood forum is Wednesday at the Northshore Golf Course at 6 p.m.
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