Community steps up to replace stolen Christmas toys

SEATTLE -- With just two weeks until Christmas, it looked like hundreds of homeless kids in Seattle would be without hope after {A href=""}thieves stole hundreds of toys donated to them.

But dozens of KOMO viewers heard the cry for help and stepped up to the plate.

"Just the generosity of strangers. I seriously am going to cry again," said Nichelle Hilton of the East Cherry Street YWCA.

Those weren't always tears of joy. On Monday, YWCA staff members learned that someone had stolen 300 toys meant for hundreds of local homeless kid.

After seeing the story on KOMO News, strangers showed up in droves to help out. They opened their hearts and their checkbooks to make sure every child has a Christmas.

One man and his business gave $6,000, which is enough to replace every single stolen toy.

"I've always said we have a purpose on this earth, and that's to help mankind," said Redmond's Michael Pattison.

As Tuesday night went on, more and more people were calling the Central District shelter to see how they could help.

"We have proved to every person out there that good does win and Seattle has the biggest hearts and they won't stand for something like this to happen," Hilton said.

The shelter is now keeping its toys behind a locked door, a fence and an alarm system. The organization is still accepting toys at its East Cherry Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way location through December 21.