Community rallying to help buy much-needed wheelchair van

KENMORE, Wash. -- A young boy is unable to walk, and his family says they don't have the money to buy the one thing that could immediately improve his quality of life.

Lukas Voss was not yet 2-years old when doctors discovered a tumor on his spinal column. A few years later they found more inoperable tumors coating the boy's brain.

Now 12-years old, the boy's brain is basically frozen at a preschool level. But he is off chemotherapy and his body is healthier, which means his weight is increasing.

That's great news, but there is a downside. As Lukas gets bigger, so do his wheelchairs.

"Just getting the wheelchair in and out of my car is a huge struggle," said his mother, Lydia.

It's become so tough that Lydia now finds herself leaving the wheelchair in the car and leaving her home less and less.

"And then I feel guilty that I'm not giving them the experiences that they deserve," she said.

Lydia is a single mom trying to raise two boys on a teacher's salary, and she doesn't like asking for help.

"Because I'm the mom and I should be able to do it," she said.

She said she can't afford a wheelchair van, but as sole caregiver she can't afford an injury. She recently fell while carrying Lukas, who now weights 68 pounds.

That's when the boy's grandpa surprised Lydia by starting a wheelchair van donation page on Go Fund Me.

"It's amazing," Lydia said. "I am in tears when I open it up."

They've already raised $14,000 toward their $20,000 goal, and even Lydia's youngest son, Benson, is pitching in.

"I just noticed that everyone else was helping out, so I wanted to, too," Benson said.

Lydia said if she's able to get the van, it would give her and her family the freedom that they don't have now.

"(It would) open doors so that it I could give the boys what they deserve," she said.

If you'd like to help the family pay for the van, you can {A href=""}do so here.