Community rallies around local musician with brain tumor

SEATTLE -- A recent hike spurred a journey that one local musician never expected or wanted to undertake.

Several months ago, Asher Deaver had a seizure while hiking on a trail. After getting checked out by doctors, he was given the scary news that he has a brain tumor.

Doctors won't know if it's malignant or benign until they operate next week, and Deaver will have to be awake during the surgery.

Deaver's ordeal began a few months ago while he was out on a normal hike.

"I felt kind of dizzy a little, felt a little dehydrated, I guess. And just sat down and the next thing I remember is just waking up and seeing all the paramedics coming my way and being so out of it," he said.

Deaver had two seizures years apart, but he only recently learned that a brain tumor was causing them.

"The placement of the tumor is in the temporal lobe, which is where speech, your comprehension all that stuff kind of hangs out," he said.

A talented singer, songwriter and woodworker, Deaver worries how the tumor could affect his crafts.

"So it's kind of a scary thing, and that's just been the biggest worry is just the placement of the tumor," he said. "Writing music, writing lyrics, even listening to music, you know comprehending."

Deaver's friends held a benefit for him in Ballard on Saturday to help pay for the upcoming medical expenses. While he waits to find out what his future holds, Deaver said he's not going to give up on the things he loves.

"I'm just trying to be patient and go about life and enjoy life and enjoy life while I have it, you know," he said.