Comic Review: Set in Gig Harbor, 'The Wake #1' is spooky smart

Spare the tights and turn up the creep factor! "The Wake #1" surfaced at comic book shops this week. No superheroes here. This is the kind of graphic storytelling you share with non-comic book fans to demonstrate why you love the medium. This highly recommended for fans of horror stories. This highly recommended for fans of horror stories.

Scott Snyder ("Batman," "American Vampire," "Superman Unchained") and Sean Murphy ("Punk Rock Jesus") create a tense science fiction thriller worthy of "The X-Files" twisted with "Torchwood" for Vertigo.

After a brief glimpse at a post-Apocalyptic future the story turns to Gig Harbor, Washington where we immediately fall for the hero. Dr. Lee Archer is a marine biologist who pops off the page but soon we learn she has a haunted past and is willing to accept an offer from Homeland Security.

The secret mission to investigate strange whale songs leads Lee and other recruited scientists to a strange oil rig under the Arctic Ocean off Alaska. Snyder and Murphy then reveal a chamber of horrors inside the underwater facility. "The Wake #1" is a tense, smart adventure with a main character you immediately root for and an eerie mystery with echoes of Lovecraftian pulp.