Coca-Cola 'Share Happiness' campaign mostly just annoys people with weird names

Coca-Cola is trying to win over fans with a new European campaign that includes printing personalized bottles of the soda, emblazoned with the 150 most popular names in the UK. Unfortunately, that's rankling the ire of Britons with less-common names. Sorry, Kayla, Tamara, Mohammad, and Lupe.

The campaign, called "Share Happiness," was originally launched in Australia and seems mostly to be uniting people with unusual names in a mutual dislike of Coke. And while NPR reports that some individuals are alleging that the move may actually be discriminatory (because it only sampled names from the UK, despite being distributed in other European nations like Israel and Sweden), Britain's 150 most common names are actually kind of wide-spanning.

Amit, Mandeep, Saima, and Kayleigh are all included.

But that's not stopping everyone else from taking to Coke's Facebook page to have their say.

"I would like you to get my name on the coke a simple Becky," said one commenter, noting that "you don't have my name and other simple ones though you have the weirdest names ever like who on earth is called Anja?"

"where is the coca cola bottle wiv the name 'Codie' on it :(" another inquired.

Of course, Coke is offering those with different names a chance to have a bottle with their name on it: They're giving a few people personalized bottles as part of a contest.