Charge: Stoned driver killed cyclist in Federal Way

SEATTLE -- A SeaTac man accused of hitting and killing a cyclist while driving stoned in Federal Way has been charged with vehicular assault.

Dara Keo is alleged to have accidentally rammed cyclist Craig Cronister shortly before 11 a.m. on Aug. 30. Cronister, 44, was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where he remained on life support for several hours his death.

King County prosecutors contend Keo, 30, was high on prescription drugs and marijuana when he hit Cronister.

According to charging papers, Cronister was riding on the road's shoulder in the 28600 block of Military Road South when he was struck by a Honda Civic driven by Keo. A witness told police Keo had been driving erratically before he swerved onto the shoulder and struck Cronister without braking.

Keo stopped his car shortly after the crash and waited for police. Police claim Keo's speech was slurred as he laughed and proudly explained that other drivers would have fled after hitting a cyclist.

Describing Keo as "unbalanced" and "uncoordinated" following the crash, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Amy Freedheim said he was "obviously impaired from drug use" when the crash occurred.

"He admitted taking impairing prescription drugs and marijuana stating 'I had a few beers and smoked a bowl, but I have a medical marijuana card so it's okay,'" Freedheim said in a statement to the court.

Investigators are currently testing a sample of Keo's blood for drugs. Keo remains jailed on $250,000 bail.