Charge: Seattle man caught on tape raping 10-year-old girl

SEATTLE -- A Seattle man already facing federal child pornography charges is now alleged to have been caught on tape sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl.

Now charged with child rape in state court, Steven M. Williams was already under indictment in U.S. District Court following allegations that he was making child pornography in Bonney Lake and elsewhere. Williams, a convicted felon purportedly caught with two pistols, has also been charged with federal gun offenses.

Williams, 43, is alleged to have abused the girl for years before his August arrest on child pornography charges. Writing the court, King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Cecelia Gregson described Williams as a "serious and imminent threat to the safety" of children.

In mid-August, the girl's mother went to Federal Way police to report she'd found pornographic photos of a then-10-year-old girl on a camera belonging to Williams, a Federal Way detective told the court.

Investigators determined dozens of photos showing Williams molesting the girl had been taken at a Lake Tapps home, the detective told the court. According to charging papers, Williams appeared to sexually assault the girl while she was asleep.

Police subsequently searched a storage unit belonging to Williams. Inside, they claim to have found two handguns, a photo album and video tapes, as well as digital storage cards.

Interviewed by investigators following the search of his storage unit, Williams declined to discuss the photos, a Secret Service special agent told the court.

"I don't want to talk about that without a lawyer," Williams said, according to charging papers, "but I have seen her a bunch of times since those pictures and she is fine."

In fact, the girl had been having night terrors for years, the Secret Service agent said in charging papers. The girl dreamed spiders and snakes were crawling over her as she slept.

The girl later told investigators Williams molested her nearly every night for several years, the agent continued. She said she pretended to sleep during the abuse.

Williams' scarred hands are visible in several of the photos showing him molest the girl, the agent told the court. A federal grand jury in Seattle indicted Williams in September on two child pornography counts, as well as a gun charge.

Speaking with police, Williams' ex-girlfriend said she kicked Williams out of her home after he "knocked up" a 12-year-old girl, the detective said in charging papers. The woman said Williams was dealing cocaine to children out of a Des Moines apartment at the time, the detective continued, and took sexually explicit photos of a teen girl while there.

State prosecutors have filed three counts of first-degree child rape against Williams. He remains jailed without bail at the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac; the state charges will likely be addressed after the federal prosecution is completed.