Charge: Seattle flasher says he thought women wanted it

SEATTLE - A local man accused of exposing himself to his neighbor told police he thought she wanted to see more of him, according to charging papers.

Now charged with indecent exposure, Donald Robson is alleged to have stripped down and knocked on the window of a neighbor's apartment after seeing she was naked.

King County prosecutors contend Robson, 57, may have accosted two women, aged 30 and 23, who live in the same downtown Seattle apartment building. In both instances, Robson is alleged to have managed to see his neighbors naked.

Arrested following the May 1 incident, Robson told police he though his neighbor "must want to have sexual contact with him," Senior Deputy Prosecutor Carla Carlstrom said in court papers.

"The defendant's behavior and cognitive distortion regarding his neighbors is concerning for future criminal behavior," Carlstrom said in charging papers.

On the night in question, officers arrived at the apartment to find Robson completely naked standing in the doorway of his apartment, a Seattle detective said in court papers.

The woman had called police minutes before to report a "naked guy" at her apartment window. She told police her shades nearly closed - one was slightly open - and she was preparing for bed when she saw Robson holding himself outside her window, according to charging papers.

Two other individuals also saw Robson nude that night, the detective told the court. He was arrested at the scene.

Speaking with police the following day, Robson said he drank two bottles of bourbon earlier that evening, as was his habit on his days off, the detective continued. Robson is alleged to have claimed not to remember approaching the woman.

Speaking with police, the woman said Robson's conduct has left her afraid to open her own windows or undress in her own home.

"I feel like a prisoner," she told police, according to charging papers. "Being a naked woman is not an invite."

Initially jailed, Robson was released on May 5 after posting bond. He has since been charged with felony indecent exposure.