Charge: 2-time Seattle child molester raped 6-year-old girl

SEATTLE -- A Seattle man twice convicted of sexually assaulting children now faces life in prison as prosecutors claim he raped another young girl.

King County prosecutors contend Jeffery Johannes Evenson -- with her mother's permission -- raped the girl repeatedly over several years. Evenson, 42, is a homeless sex offender known to frequent Virginia Avenue in downtown Seattle prior to his arrest.

Previously convicted of child rape in 1990 and child molestation in 1998, Evenson faces life in prison if convicted on either child rape charge now filed against him. Prosecutors note Evenson was previously investigated - but not charged - in two other sexual assaults.

Writing the court, a Seattle detective alleged Evenson sexually assaulted a West Seattle girl known to him. According to charging papers, Evenson began raping the girl when she was 6.

The girl's mother encouraged the abuse, telling her young daughter that sex was "good for kids," the detective told the court. The woman has since died.

According to charging papers, Evenson showed the girl child pornography and frequently sexually assaulted her until she was moved out of the area.

The girl disclosed the abuse earlier this year. Evenson was arrested Sept. 3 and remains jailed on $500,000 bail.

If convicted, Evenson faces life in prison without parole both under Washington's persistent offender laws. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree child rape.