Car drives into Kent apartment, no injuries

KENT, Wash. -- The Kent Fire Department says a car driven into an apartment building early Sunday narrowly missed the sleeping resident, who was not injured.

The driver has been taken into custody on suspicious of driving under the influence.

Fire Department spokesman Don Barberie says the collision happened just after 2 a.m. on Pacific Highway South.

Apartment resident Jeramie Kendall was sound asleep when the car nearly crashed into his bed.

"If it was just a couple inches to the right i would have been toast," he said. "The only thing that really saved me was the sheet rock, because I've got concrete all the way into the bathroom here."

A Kent building official has ruled the apartment unit unstable and the American Red Cross is helping Kendall find somewhere else to live until the apartment can be stabilized. In the meantime, Kendall is counting his blessings.

"Stuff happens," he said. "I'm still here. This is material stuff it can be replaced."