Capitol Hill group calls for heavier police presence in wake of crime spree

SEATTLE -- Capitol Hill has had enough.

The group Social Outreach Seattle met with Seattle police Thursday afternoon to demand more attention to the jump in violent crime on Capitol Hill.

Spokesperson Shaun Knittel said there have been 16 assaults and 27 burglaries in a month.

"The reason why we call ourselves a community is because we really are. We're close, and when something like this happens, you feel it," he said.

He wants more awareness for the growing violence.

"The crime has to do with guns and knives, and people are just being attacked," Knittel said.

There was a break-in at a coffee shop and community center. Computers and money were taken on Christmas.

Knittel said victims need to speak up and file police reports to get more attention from police. He said police plan to step up efforts and increase patrols.