Capitol Hill Block Party: What not to miss, Day 1

Over 100 artists will descend onto Seattle's most dense neighborhood this weekend. Some are well-know (like the Flaming Lips), while others are definitely still up-and-coming. But with five stages and music going well into the night, it can be hard to decide which artists to check out and which to skip. Here's a preview of Friday's lineup.

Telekinesis: 5:15, Main Both a band and a person, Telekinesis is Seattleite Michael Benjamin Lerner and a rotating panel of musicians borrowed from other local bands like Say Hi and Wild Flag. Catchy, poppy, upbeat -- Telekinesis is the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Fly Moon Royalty: 5:45, Neumos Skip out of Telekinesis a little early to check out this innovative duo who delighted at last year's Block Party. Incredible lyrics and a blend of soul and hip-hop, you won't see anyone else like FMR, this weekend or ever.

Iska Dhaaf: 6:45, Cha Cha Make the initial pilgrimage into the crush that is the Cha Cha stage for Iska Dhaaf, which features an unlikely combination of rock quartet Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band's Benjamin Verdoes and the rapper known as Buffalo Madonna, who viewers may know from hip-hop party-boy group Mad Rad, or possibly as a guest performer on Macklemore's "The Heist."

Waxahatchee: 7pm, Vera Come up for air and take a break with Waxahatchee, also known as Katie Crutchfield. This solo singer-songwriter will help you calm down after the madness of the Cha while blowing you away with her beautiful voice and soul-punching lyrics.

The Young Evils: 7:30, Vitaminwater Barboza When you're ready to perk up again, check out the Young Evils, whose ultra-catchy "Get Over It" has definitely infiltrated your brain at least once without your knowledge. Their doo-wop and sun-drenched California-in-the-60s influence pairs perfectly with their deep Seattle roots; the band was initially started as an homage to the Vaselines, and in 2011, they opened for Pearl Jam.

Monogamy Party: 8pm, Cha Cha Head back to the Cha to check out Monogamy Party, if only to say you were there. Expect a staggering number of sweaty humans packed in while loud, thrashing noise rock that will rattle your bones.

The Intelligence: 8:15pm, Vera Stage Once you escape the hot mess of the Cha Cha, head to up see this feel-good-even-when-things-are-tragic low-fi post-punk group who've just returned home from a well-received European tour. These guys and gals are fun. You'll like it.

The Trashies: 8:45, Cha Cha During the 8:30ish block, you can either a.) stop for dinner, or b.) head back to the Cha Cha for another fun, messy, dance-y pit of people and music which the Trashies themselves describe as "gunk rock."

STRFKR: 9:15, Main This band is never not a good time -- and they perform a lot. As the night really heats up, head outside and move around to some soothing-ish, middle-beat electronic music.

Girl Talk: 10:45, Main Gregg Gillis is a pretty unassuming person until he's behind a computer mashing up all the hottest dance tracks from the last, oh, 20 years. You'll know all the songs, but they won't sound anything like you think they should sound. This is the place to be Friday night.

BellaMaine: 11:15, Neumos Cool your jets with this four-piece indie rock group that's straight out of Anacortes. They're hook-y, heavy on mixed vocals and just enough synth to move them melody, BellaMaine is exactly what you expect from the little music community with the big clout.

Capitol Hill Block Party runs today from 4:00pm until Sunday. For ticketing information and full schedule, visit their website.