Business Insider: If you're not getting busy with coworkers, you're in the minority

Well, this is awkward. Relations with coworkers are generally thought to be a big taboo -- but according to a survey by Business Insider, they're not only more common that you may expect, they're more widely accepted, too.

The survey, which asked about 2,500 professionals, explored feelings about inter-office romances, including the dynamic between subordinants and superiors, whether or not HR notifications should be required, and if it mattered that the employees worked for the same company but not together. The results were a little surprising:

  • The majority of people (52%) think that sex with a coworker is fine, so long as it's handled professionally and doesn't involve a direct report relationship

  • 90% have been sexually attracted to a coworker at some point

  • 64% have tried to make a pass at a colleague, and 74% say they've been hit on

  • Just over half (54%) of respondents said they had had sex with a colleague

  • Almost no one (just 4%) said they've ever had to quit due to a relationship with a colleague

Unfortunately, the survey didn't separate out male and female responses, which would've definitely shed a little light on how these relationships come to pass, but it does illuminate one thing: More of your coworkers are sleeping together (or at least thinking about it) than you may have thought.