Burglary victim: 'It was so smooth and so quiet and so fast'

EVERETT, Wash. -- Police are on the lookout for a hot-handed burglar who stole much more than just material items from an Everett couple.

Neighbors along 100th Street in Everett's south end say the area is usually quiet and safe, but that wasn't the case for Kate Bowditch and Stephen Tuell this weekend.

Bowditch and Tuell were fast asleep before dawn on Saturday when a brazen thief broke in to their Everett home.

"It was so smooth and so quiet and so fast," Bowditch said.

When she woke up, Bowditch knew something was wrong.

"I thought, 'Well, why did Steve move my computer?' And I looked over there and his was gone," she said.

The burglar got away with their computers and cameras, which they use to operate their online business and multiple blogs.

"Those things are not really replaceable, and I think most of them aren't backed up," Tuell said.

Years worth of digital photographs, the master files for three of Bowditch's self-published books, and thousands of dollars worth of software were gone in seconds.

The couple had been working around the clock on multiple paid online projects, and all that material was taken.

"It was my livelihood," Tuell said.

Perhaps worst of all, the burglar made off with nearly every photo the couple had of their two grandchildren.

"You keep hoping that if you close your eyes and open them again, everything will be back the way it was. And it never will be," Bowditch said.

Both Bowditch and Tuell say they're committed to moving forward despite losing so much.

"They not only take away what's been, they're taking away a future," Bowditch said.

The good news is that almost all the stolen items will be covered by insurance, but the couple says an insurance claim is useless without the content saved on the computers.