Burglar gives cancer patient another unneeded stress

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- A cancer patient is hoping her home's surveillance video will help catch the thief who targeted her house in the middle of the night. And though the stolen items are not expensive, the victim wants justice after experiencing another crime.

Susie Smith marveled at how casually the thief proceeded, plucking all four solar lanterns and stuffing them in his bag. He's not even fazed when the motion detector light goes on.

"That was the joy of watching this person," Smith said. "You know, it's like, hello. You're right there."

And while Smith isn't the kind of person to feel sorry for herself, the fact is, stress is especially tough on her right now. She is battling stage four liver cancer.

"I spend more than half my day bed," Smith said.

She now has to rely on others to do the home and yard improvement projects she loves so much. Her sister installed the lanterns.

After a burglary last year, and now this violation, and the cancer.

"You just wonder if that person knew the story of how hard somebody worked for you to get that yard cleaned up," Smith said. "Because I'm not able to. Would that make a difference if that person knew?"

Federal Way police think, probably not.

"When we catch up with this guy, we'll find out he probably has an extensive history of all kinds of crimes," said Cmdr. Chris Norman with Federal Way Police.

Norman and his officers are studying the video and posting it online as they want to solve this case for Smith.

"This is another unnecessary stress I think it's that she shouldn't have to be dealing with," Norman said.

Because she's taken home security seriously, and now has good evidence, there's a chance.

"I think it'd be great if he got caught," Smith said. "Just to say, hey, you didn't get away with it."