Burglar eats, sleeps and showers inside Capitol Hill home

SEATTLE -- A burglar recently broke into a Capitol Hill home and made himself comfortable before making off with thousands of dollars worth of electronics, and the victim's neighbors are now blaming the city for not doing enough to protect them.

Eli Goldberg was out of the country at the time of the burglary, and when he came home he saw that everything was gone.

Neighbors in the Capitol Hill neighborhood say it's a problem that stems from nearby Cal Anderson Park, which has been a haven for crime for a some time.

Goldberg said on Friday night somebody pried their way into his home and made themselves comfortable. The burglar helped himself to food from the cupboard and even took a shower.

"From the way the clothing that he left smelled, I'm not surprised," Goldberg said.

The brazen thief even stayed the night, sleeping in Goldberg's bed. When he woke up, he left with a computer, credit cards, an Xbox, a bike and a pin collection that belonged to Goldberg's dad. The pins likely don't mean anything to the thief, but they mean a lot to Goldberg.

"That's really one of the few things my father left to me and it's gone now," he said.

Mike Darr has lived in the same Capitol Hill house for 20 years, and he says he no longer longer feels safe in the area. He believes Goldberg's break-in is spillover from Cal Anderson Park.

In July the city hired extra rangers to patrol the park after several stabbings, rapes and a deadly shooting were reported around the park. Since them, park officials keep all the ball field lights on at night and say the rangers have made a difference inside the park.

But police also say burglaries actually increased in the East Precinct from June to August.

Darr said the same people neighbors see sleeping in the park are now creeping onto their streets.

"Neighbors have said there have been people patrolling through our backyard and scouting around the outside," he said.

Neighbors say the ripped boxes and drug paraphernalia left behind after Goldberg's burglary are proof that something needs to be done in the area.

Goldberg is offering a $500 reward for any information about the burglar.