Burger King has made eating even easier with this burger holder/human feed-bag

Fast food is a blessing for those who are too busy to make their own food -- but what about individuals who are so overwhelmed with things to do that they can't pause long enough to hold their hamburger in their hands and eat it? Burger King has them covered with this with their "hands-free Whopper."

The device, which straps around the human head and holds the Whopper at mouth level, was apparently made on a 3D printer, according to the website It is to celebrate the company's 50th birthday. Appropriately, BK handed out 50 of the contraptions to their most loyal customers, using a database that the company maintains.

However, the program appears to only be available in Puerto Rico (that's why the video is in Spanish), and does not seem to be something that Americans can get in on just yet.