Bumbershoot, Day 2: What not to miss

The second day of Bumbershoot is heating up, and with a slightly more robust lineup than yesterday, planning ahead is more important than ever. Here's what not to miss.

12:00 - 15 Years of Barsuk Records, Words and Ideas Stage: With an epic lineup of some of the label's most iconic artists coming up in November, now is the time to brush up on your Barsuk knowledge. Join John Roderick (of the Long Winters), as well as David Bazan and the label's co-founder for a retrospective on what this not-so-little label has done for Seattle-area music.

1:15 - NorthWest Comedy Fest's Canadians of Comedy, Comedy at Vera: Who says our neighbors to the North aren't funny? Check out what America's Hat is up to with this panel of excellent Canadian comics, including Dan Quinn, Kyle Bottom and Katie-Ellen Humphries.

1:45 - Ramona Falls, Fountain Lawn Stage: Another member of the Barsuk family, this Portland-based indie rock project is based after a real place in Oregon -- and it sounds pretty Oregon-ish, so, that makes sense.

2:00 - Tegan and Sara, Mainstage: They may be hard to tell apart, but their sound sure is unique. Sisters Tegan and Sara have been playing together for well over a decade, collecting a huge following of dedicated fans with their piercing lyrics and excellent vocal harmonies. If you've never heard Tegan and Sara, you might be the only one.

3:30 - fun., Mainstage: Somehow, fun. has managed to do the unthinkable: Take their experiences living in Brooklyn as young people and turn them into a cross-generational pop sound that appeals to people of all ages and audiences. From Hot AC to the most inside of indie stations, fun. has taken over the airwaves. With "We Are Young," they became the sound of Summer, 2012, and seem to show no signs of stopping.

4:00 - Seattle Arts & Lectures presents Allie Brosh of "Hyperbole and a Half", Words and Ideas Stage: The internet has been lamenting the loss of internet comic writer Allie Brosh, who went a little underground while working on her new book. Now, she's back with the book of highly-relateable, often slightly-dark comics and, it seems, a lot to say about the time she took off from her sudden, intense internet fame.

4:45 - WTF? Live with Marc Maron, Comedy at the Bagely: With a brand new IFC show under his belt, comedian Marc Maron is more well-known than ever -- which is saying a lot, considering he's widely regarded to be the godfather of garage podcasting, not to mention a pretty acclaimed comedian. Watch him do this thing live with this taping of the wildly popular web series.

5:15 - Mates of State, Fountain Lawn Stage: Mates of State never sounds exactly the same from one album to the next, but their sound is always reliably indie, melodic, and dance-able. But the two-person group, who have been together for a startlingly long time, can also get a little raucous prepared.

6:30 - The Grizzled Mighty, Plaza Stage: Rock. The Grizzled Mighty are just locally-grown, ultra-original, Black-Keys-reminiscent rock. That's what you'll come for, that's what you'll stay for.

8:00 - The Breeders, TuneIn Stage: More than a decade after their first show, the Breeders still draw crowds for their growly, post-punk/grungey sound and their wild stage performance. Old-school Seattle music fans know and love this band (they opened for Nirvana way back when) and will probably get there early. You should, too.

8:15 - Ra Ra Riot, Mainstage: This is the kind of indie pop that makes you jump up and down, even in a sweaty, packed crowd. Since the release of their 2008 album, "The Rhumb Line," (also on Barsuk), this four-piece group has been drawing college crowds and attracting critical acclaim.

9:45 - Death Cab for Cutie, Mainstage: Bremerton's own Ben Gibbard comes back to Key Arena for the second time in as many months (he was just here playing one of the last Postal Service shows ever) to perform the band's 2003 breakthrough album, "Transatlanticism" in its entirety. Expect tears. Lots of tears.