Brazen burglars break in to home twice as neighbors pass by

SEATTLE - Burglars targeted a vacant home for sale in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. The house was full of staged items which were loaded onto trucks, and stolen as neighbors walked by.

Witnesses say the burglars came to the home twice, first parking in the alley and then the driveway. It was a brazen burglary, as the thieves broke in through a basement window and a backdoor. They came two days in a row in broad daylight.

David Van Noy worked on the home for five months, getting it ready for re-sale.

"Just the fact they came twice and loaded up a truck on two different days really blows me away," Van Noy says. "I wasn't here to do anything about it."

It was the future homeowners who discovered something was wrong when they noticed items missing, including the shower head from an upstairs bathroom.

"It's just strange," Van Noy says. "They left a picture and left some other knickknack items that they could have taken, but it's kind of odd to take a shower curtain and shower rod."

The entire home was staged with items that are now missing: a couch, tables, decorative pieces, even books.

When neighbors saw the burglars at the home, they believed the men were there to remove the staged items.

"It was all ready to go," Van Noy says. "I just had to do a few little things on the inspection report, and I was done. I was done working on it."

Van Noy is now making repairs where the burglars left damage.

"I'll make it just as normal as it was before," he says.