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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 3/24/2014

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave a local company a big boost in their tuberculosis research. The Seattle based Infectious Disease Research Institute said it received a 3.4 million dollar grant extension from the foundation. The IDRI is working on producing new drugs to treat tuberculosis.

Tuesday: 3/25/2014

A new list from rates five popular Seattle eateries as "fine dining" restaurants. That's a tie with Washington, D.C. San Francisco and New York top the list with eight restaurants each. The Puget Sound Business Journal says Rays Boathouse, Matt's in the Market, Lark, Canlis and Book Bindery made the cut. Urban Spoon bases "fine dining" on price, reviews and editorial picks.

Wednesday: 3/26/2014

Aerospace hiring is expected to flatten in the state of Washington, except when it comes to skilled positions. The Puget Sound Business Journal cites a new state report that shows overall aerospace employment will only increase one percent for the next five years. But jobs like tool makers, manufacturing planners, composites assemblers and computer technicians will remain hot. The report says enrollment in the five leading education programs that fill those jobs is up 82 percent.

Columbia Bank's Business Insight: Reducing Security Risks in a Mobile World. Cybercrime is pervasive, so fixing digital loopholes to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud is critical. A stolen, unlocked mobile phone provides access to your email, social networks, storage apps, even Facebook. Ultimately, a thief can use all of this information to steal your identity. Be sure to create complex passwords and don't save them digitally-commit them to memory. Simply develop a combination of personal memories, milestones or dates that are easily recalled.

Thursday: 3/27/2014

Cyber security threats to businesses are still on the rise and Columbia Bank is giving some tips on keeping yourself protected. A recent Hewlett Packard study shows the average annual cost of cyber crime to an organization is 11.6 million dollars. Analysts are now predicting business will spend a minimum of 30 billion dollars this year globally to protect their data. Columbia Bank recommends encrypting all hard drives on laptop computers, securing how you store customer information and documents and bringing in an independent security provider to audit your procedures.

Friday: 3/28/2014

Alaska Airlines announced more expansion plans. Later this year they'll begin offering daily nonstop service from Sea-Tac to Albuquerque, New Mexico and Baltimore. To celebrate, the airline is offering rates as low as 99 dollars for flights to Albuquerque and 120 bucks to Baltimore.

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