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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 3/17/2014

The U.S. is falling behind other nations when it comes to the use of commercial drones. Our government bans the use of just about all drones, no matter how safe. But photographers, real estate agents, moviemakers and others are trying to embrace the technology, especially in other countries where governments have cleared the unmanned aircraft. U.S. officials say safety rules here could still be years away.

Tuesday: 3/18/2014

The area next to Seattle's Sculpture Park could soon be home to one of the city's most unique apartment buildings. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports Martin Selig Real Estate is planning an apartment tower that resembles a folded veil. The 12-story building would have angular lines. Designers say it's a nod to the artwork in the park.

Wednesday: 3/19/2014

Boeing has announced another significant order for its new 737 MAX jet. It will be built at the Renton plant. South Africa's Comair Limited ordered eight of the more fuel-efficient planes. The deal has a list price of 830 million dollars. Comair is the first African airline to order the new jet. Boeing says it now has orders for 1,800 of the MAX airplane.

Columbia Bank's Business Insight: Choosing the right banker.
When choosing a banker, find someone within your area of expertise. This might seem obvious, but many people don't ask. If you're in the tech sector, work with a banker who knows the industry, its terminology, its nuances, and anticipates obstacles and industry-wide issues. Discuss this with your banker to determine the best fit. Working together will cultivate a productive, lasting relationship. Whether you're an established business requiring financial expertise, or an entrepreneur navigating the challenges of a new venture, the first step is asking the right questions to ensure the best match for long-term success.

Thursday: 3/20/2014

Some of Seattle's most famous restaurant owners say you can expect a much bigger bill if the city raises the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. Tom Douglas and Ethan Stowell both told the Puget Sound Business Journal they would have to raise prices to cover labor costs. Douglas estimates it would be an extra five to six dollars per check. He says labor accounts for about 35 percent of his costs.

Friday: 3/21/2014

Business is booming on the links in University Place. Last year operating revenues at Chambers Bay Golf Course were up by one million dollars. That's a 23 percent increase. Golfers played a record 38 thousand rounds! The boost comes ahead of next year's U.S. Open at the course.

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