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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 3/3/2014

Bill Gates is back on top as the world's richest person. He tops the 28th annual Forbes list with a net worth of 76 billion dollars. That's up from 67 billion dollars last year. Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos is 18th on the list with 32 billion dollars.

Tuesday: 3/4/2014

Pizza Hut is working on an interactive tabletop. It's part video game, part interactive menu. Customers will be able to create their own pizza, selecting the size, crust and toppings. After they order, they'll be able to play games and pay their bill. The tabletops will be tested in a few Pizza Hut restaurants before being rolled out nationwide.

Wednesday: 3/5/2014

Swedish Health System is making a concerted effort to slash the price of some of it's outpatient services. The average savings is 35 percent. Some services, like a brain MRI, now cost 70 percent less. But, it's not clear if insurance companies will pass the savings along to customers. Patients who pay out of pocket will immediately see lower rates.

Columbia Bank's Business Insight: Choosing the right banker.
When choosing a banker, find someone within your area of expertise. This might seem obvious, but many people don't ask. If you're in the tech sector, work with a banker who knows the industry, its terminology, its nuances, and anticipates obstacles and industry-wide issues. Discuss this with your banker to determine the best fit. Working together will cultivate a productive, lasting relationship. Whether you're an established business requiring financial expertise, or an entrepreneur navigating the challenges of a new venture, the first step is asking the right questions to ensure the best match for long-term success.

Thursday: 3/6/2014

Local homes prices dipped again in February, and at least one real estate leader is blaming the Seahawks Super Bowl run. The average price of a single-family home in King County fell from 410 to 405 thousand dollars last month and the number of pending sales dipped 13 percent. The CEO of real estate company John L. Scott says more people were interested in football than buying and selling property. He says more homes have been listed and sold since the Super Bowl.

Friday: 3/7/2014

The 12th man is now a best seller. Football jerseys with the number 12 are 10th on the list of the top 10 sellers on, with one more month to go in the league's fiscal year. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's number 3 jersey is the best seller right now. Marshawn Lynch's 24 is fifth and Richard Sherman's 25 is sixth.

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