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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 2/24/2014
Good news for fans of "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black." Netflix reached an agreement with Comcast ensuring that it's TV shows and movies are streamed smoothly to households. It's the first dealt the online video service has reached with an Internet service provider. The deal comes on the heals of some congestion problems that caused interruptions in viewing for Netflix customers.

Tuesday: 2/25/2014
Seattle E-commerce company Zulily is celebrating after the company beat expectations in its first earnings report since it went public back in November. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports the daily deals site aimed at mothers posted fourth quarter sales of 257 million dollars. That's a 100 percent increase over the last year. Stock prices soared nearly 10 percent in after hours trading.

Wednesday: 2/26/2014
Your breakfast cereal could soon get more expensive. Oat prices are near a five year high, mostly because of transportation problems. Oil shipments from Canada are pushing oats off trains. The railways blame the brutal winter ad its effects on the country's huge wheat, canola and oat crops. Either way, Canada is seeing a long backlog for grain shipments, sending oat future prices soaring.

Columbia Bank's Business Insight: Meet with your banker on a quarterly basis.
Your banker is a partner you can trust. It's important to treat the relationship with a banker as just that--a relationship. Just like in a personal relationship there has to be trust, openness, communication, honesty and integrity on both parties. We can collaborate, confide in one another and bounce ideas around. A good banker should be involved with all the movements of a company's finances, which understandably requires a very significant level of trust. Ideally, you should meet with your banker on a quarterly basis. Once you find the right partner, sit down with them and lay the groundwork for a strong relationship. Make this a priority for your business.

Thursday: 2/27/2014
The Chambers Bay golf course in University Place is getting ready for the 2015 U.S. open. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports the course already has all the volunteers and nearly all the corporate sponsors it needs for one of golf's premier majors. The USGA expects the US Open to draw a quarter million spectators to Chambers Bay, with an economic impact of around 150 million dollars to the area.

Friday: 2/28/2014
Seattle is getting a reputation as "Cloud City," but is has nothing to do with the weather. The Puget Sounds Business Journal reports Seattle companies are among the world leaders in cloud computing. Clouds allow companies to move applications off of in-house services onto a network. Right now the Seattle area is second only to the Bay area when it comes to investment in companies pioneering cloud technology.

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