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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 4/21/2014 Fast food breakfast battles are heating up, thanks to increased competition from Starbucks and other fast food chains. McDonalds has long been the leader in breakfast, with breakfast sales accounting for 25% of U.S. sales at the golden arches. But Starbucks' new "La Boulange" pastry offerings are part of the company's breakfast strategy. Taco Bell, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and other chains have new breakfast offerings as well. Tuesday: 4/22/2014 It's going to cost more for to sign up for Netflix. Monthly fees are increasing by one or two dollars for new members. Current Member fees would remain at $7.99 or $11.99. Netflix is hoping the move will counteract some users tendencies to sign up, binge watch, cancel their subscription, and then sign up again at a later date without penalty. Wednesday: 4/23/2014 Seattle hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are using their star power to raise money to help people with HIV. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports Macklemore is supporting a new campaign called "The 30/30 project." It seeks to raise 100 thousand dollars to build health clinics around the world. Ryan Lewis also revealed that his mother has been HIV positive since 1984 when she contracted the virus in a blood transfusion. Columbia Bank's Business Insight: Reducing Security Risks in a Mobile World. Cybercrime is pervasive, so fixing digital loopholes to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud is critical. A stolen, unlocked mobile phone provides access to your email, social networks, storage apps, even Facebook. Ultimately, a thief can use all of this information to steal your identity. Be sure to create complex passwords and don't save them digitally-commit them to memory. Simply develop a combination of personal memories, milestones or dates that are easily recalled. Thursday: 4/24/2014 Light Rail expansion is driving up real estate sales near the University of Washington. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports the University Manor apartments, across from the U-district's future light rail station, sold for 13 million dollars. The buyer said the proximity to the station played a "huge role" in the sale. It's expected that when the station opens in 20201, apartments in the area can charge rents closer to those of downtown properties.
Friday: 4/25/2014
The leading business paper in the Seattle area has undergone a facelift in both looks and content. The Puget Sound Business Journal launched their new format, which includes more small business success stories. You'll also find more in-depth analysis in the paper on big stories that broke during the week in the journal's online version. Editor Rob Smith says the goal is to make business news more impactful to its weekly paper subscribers and more than a million monthly online visitors. Columbia Bank's experts can help with your business and personal finance needs. Simply visit