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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 4/7/2014

Alaska Airlines wants to begin non-stop seasonal flights between Sea-Tac airport and Cancun, Mexico. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports the airline filed paperwork with the department of transportation to start those flights in early November. Alaska already flies to eight other Mexican destinations.

Tuesday: 4/8/2014

We have an inside look at the Mariners' efforts to sell high-dollar premium packages this season. For 48 thousand dollars, the M's will get your company a 20 game package in a suite, along with 10 thousand dollars in catering credits. 175 thousand dollars buys an infield suite for every game, a catering credit, and Diamond Club and All-Star Club seats.

Wednesday: 4/9/2014

Boeing will employ more robotic technology in the production of its new 777X in Everett. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports Boeing's application for a massive new facility includes a wide-open design, giving plenty of space for advanced robotics. Boeing execs say BMW's highly robotized factory in Munich is the benchmark for Boeing's future. Currently, 90 percent of the 777X is essentially built by hand.

Columbia Bank's Business Insight: Reducing Security Risks in a Mobile World. Cybercrime is pervasive, so fixing digital loopholes to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud is critical. A stolen, unlocked mobile phone provides access to your email, social networks, storage apps, even Facebook. Ultimately, a thief can use all of this information to steal your identity. Be sure to create complex passwords and don't save them digitally-commit them to memory. Simply develop a combination of personal memories, milestones or dates that are easily recalled.

Thursday: 4/10/2014

A couple of General Motors' engineers are suspended in the wake of an investigation in to why it took more than a decade to recall millions of small cars for a deadly problem. G.M. didn't identify the engineers, but said in a statement the employees are on paid leave. The company is recalling 2.6 million cars. At least 13 people have been killed in crashes linked to the ignition switch problem.

Friday: 4/11/2014

We're learning more about Amazon's "Pay to Quit" program. The online retail giant offers workers at its shipping centers a bonus once a year, up to five thousand dollars, if they're not happy at the company. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced the program in a 2013 letter, which was made public last week.

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