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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 5/19/2014 If your summer plans have you going to Disneyland, get ready to pay more. Disney just raised admission prices. A one-day, one-park ticket for anyone ages 10 and up is now 96 dollars. That's a four-dollar increase and applies to either Disneyland or California Adventures. And don't expect much of a price break for kids ages three-to-nine. Those tickets are 90 bucks each. Tuesday: 5/20/2014 Governor Jay Inslee wants Washington to be a global leader in "green" industries. Inslee sat down with the Puget Sound Business Journal last week. He says local companies need to move fast in adopting new technology, such as carbon fiber and clean energy. If not, those jobs slip away to Germany or China. Inslee says just as Pittsburg has the steel industry, Washington can have the carbon fiber industry. Wednesday: 5/21/2014 Some local charities will benefit from the upcoming sale of downtown Seattle's Pacific Place mall. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports several investors have committed to giving away portions of their profits from the sale of the five-story shopping complex across the street from the flagship Nordstrom. Local groups could receive more than 10-million dollars. Columbia Bank's Business Insight: How to choose a financial partner in a recovering economy.While the loan process can be intimidating, business owners should use a standard when determining the right bank to partner with. Perhaps most important, consider how and where the decisions are made for business loans. Is there a local influence? Are the decisions made elsewhere in the country? Decision makers are responsible for offering deals that are flexible and sustainable for your business, and that should require considerable expertise on a local level. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. Thursday: 5/22/2014 A western Washington based tech company is on a roll, but you've probably never heard of them. Nytec takes common electronics from concept to reality for mass production by creating prototypes. Using 3D printers, lathe machines and motherboard production Nytec's team of engineers can create prototypes for almost anyone. The CEO says business is booming and they recently moved to a new, larger space. Friday: 5/23/2014 There's controversy brewing at the state's insurance commission as Washington rolls out the 'Affordable Care Act.' The Puget Sound Business Journal is investigating. It's a dust up that could affect who runs the show as the state navigates its way through Obamacare. It centers around a whistleblower report against an executive with the state auditor's office and potential retaliation against the whistleblower.
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