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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 4/28/2014

The Puget Sound Business Journal reports Northwest Terminals could one day export 100-million tons of coal every year. Three coal terminals, two in Washington and one in Oregon, are up for debate right now. Experts meeting in Seattle in April said demand for energy in Asia is driving the need for more exports. New coal terminals have come under fire from critics who worry about the environmental impact from mining, transporting and burning coal.

Tuesday: 4/29/2014

If you're looking for something to do on your next day off, how about taking a tour of an amazon fulfillment center? That's where millions of products are stored, packed and shipped to customers. Amazon will offer hour-long tours twice a month and they can be booked online. Amazon has 37 warehouses, but only six are open to tours. That means you'll have to make the trip to southern California or Phoenix to take a tour.

Wednesday: 4/30/2014

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson is not only a leader on the gridiron, he's tops off the field too. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports Wilson is number one when it comes to total sales of licensed products from online and traditional retail outlets. Number three sits right above Denver's Peyton Manning and Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers. Fellow Seahawk Marshawn Lynch hits the list at 7th and Richard Sherman is 12th.

Columbia Bank's Business Insight: Reducing Security Risks in a Mobile World. Cybercrime is pervasive, so fixing digital loopholes to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud is critical. A stolen, unlocked mobile phone provides access to your email, social networks, storage apps, even Facebook. Ultimately, a thief can use all of this information to steal your identity. Be sure to create complex passwords and don't save them digitally-commit them to memory. Simply develop a combination of personal memories, milestones or dates that are easily recalled.

Thursday: 5/1/2014

It seems many big vendors still haven't patched that massive "Heartbleed" computer bug. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports large sites, such as Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo quickly created fixes for that invasive virus. But many vendors, particularly those that service the industrial equipment industry, have given no indication whether or not they're affected or if they've patched it.

Friday: 5/2/2014

More people may be buying their next vehicle without taking it out for a spin first. According to D.M.E. Automotive, one in six car buyers choose not to take a test drive before purchasing a car. And, one-third of car buyers only looked at one car before buying. Researchers found the most likely test drivers were people under the age of 35. Women were the most likely to skip the test drive; 19 percent avoided taking a spin, compared to just 12 percent of men.

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