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Brad's Business Highlights

Monday: 6/23/2014

Starbucks has rolled out three new sodas at stores in the south. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports the drinks will be made-to-order from a special "Fizzio" soda-making machine. Starbucks will start with three flavors; spiced root beer, golden ginger ale and lemon ale. The sodas will initially be available at 16 stores in the south, but not in the state of Washington.

Tuesday: 6/24/2014

Amazon and Warner Brothers are moving closer to resolving their dispute. Amazon has started to accept preorders of Warner Brothers DVD's. The two companies have been locked in a battle of pricing. Amazon has stopped accepting preorders of Warner Brothers films as it sought price concessions. Amazon is still in a major pricing spat with New York Book Publisher Hachette.

Wednesday: 6/25/2014

Target is targeting Bellevue for a big, new store. The Puget Sound Business Journal reports the retailer is eyeing a five-acre plot just off I-405 in the Wilburton Commercial District. That area is already home to a Whole Foods, Home Depot and Uwanjimaya Grocery Store. If the city council approves a zoning change, construction of the 150-thousand square foot store could start this summer.

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Thursday: 6/26/2014

Barnes and Noble is spinning off its Nook digital book business. The Nook required heavy investments that the company could not afford and it was in constant competition with E-Readers from Amazon, Google and Apple. The new company will be called Nook media and plans to create a tablet in partnership with Samsung. Barnes ad Noble stock jumped 8 percent on the news.

Friday: 6/27/2014

You may soon see a food truck selling pot-infused treats roaming the Puget Sound area. It will still be against the law for legal pot shops to sell edibles, but those rules don't apply to medical marijuana dispensers. Seattle-based "Magic Butter Studios" is taking advantage and made its debut this weekend at a farmers' market in Black Diamond.

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