'Boyish Bottle Bandit' robs limo driver at knife point

      SEATTLE -- A Saturday night limo robbery didn't bare much fruit for one knife-wielding thief, who got away with nothing but a few bottles of water.

      Police say a limo driver was stopped at a red light near 15th and West Dravus Street when a "boyish looking" man approached him. The man waved at the driver, and when he rolled down his window the boyish man stuck a knife to the driver's face and demanded money.

      The driver told the robber he wasn't carrying any cash, but instead of leaving empty handed, the robber grabbed a six pack of water and walked away.

      The driver wasn't able to give a detailed description of the thief, except to say he was a "boyish looking" white man who was wearing a black jacket and a black backpack.

      Officers searched the area but were unable to track down the man they're now calling the "Boyish Bottle Bandit."


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