Boy in critical condition after being hit by fallen tree limb

SEATTLE -- The storm that swept through western Washington last weekend has left a 2-year-old boy in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center after he was hit by a fallen tree limb.

Cathy Alejo said her family was walking to their car in the 4200 block of Roosevelt Way NE in the University District on Saturday morning when a limb snapped and struck her son, Ryan, in the head.

"I saw his face and I knew, I knew, I knew - I knew something was wrong. Dreadfully wrong. And my husband was trying to talk to him," she said.

The 2-year old was in his dad's arms when the tree limb fell, but it happened so fast the boy's father didn't even see the limb coming.

"He was just moaning and he was rigid," Cathy Alejo said.

Ryan suffered a skull fracture that impacted the left side of his brain.

"He embraced life with so much happiness, that's why I don't understand why - I'm struggling to understand why it had to happen to him," she said..

Cathy now wants other parents to take precautions and have a heightened awareness when there's severe weather.

"As parents you try to be very diligent and aware and for us we didn't even have a chance, really, to even think about the weather. It was just a family outing," she said.

The Alejo family is now praying that Ryan will be able to return home soon.

"If he can just come home and be with us that is the greatest blessing ever," Cathy said.