Bothell hypnotherapist charged with raping a patient

BOTHELL, Wash. -- A Bothell hypnotherapist is fighting to hang on to his medical license, even though King County has charged him with raping one of his patients.

Both the Washington Medical Commission and county prosecutors believe Ayhan Yavuz used the cover of a counseling session to rape an 18-year-old patient.

Prosecutors allege Yavuz took advantage of the patient, who had come to him for help with depression and anxiety. Last December, prosecutors say Yavuz forced the teen to perform oral sex.

"To have that trust violated is particularly egregious," said Karen Jensen with the Department of Health.

The Department of Health moved quickly to investigate, saying the sexual accusations, along with the circumstances and age of the patient, made the case a top priority.

"It's particularly egregious when you've got a young patient and when you've got someone in that vulnerable relationship where they're really seeking treatment for their mental health," Jensen said.

But the criminal investigation took much longer, and charges were filed just last week.

The Bothell clinic where the rape allegedly happened no longer lists Yavus among its providers, but he still maintains an office in Bellevue.

"His license has been suspended," Jensen said. "He would be violating the law if he were to have any contact with patients now."

Yavuz has a court hearing next week to enter a plea on the rape charge. He's currently free on $50,000 bond, but has been asked to surrender his Turkish passport.

Yavuz did not return calls for comment.