Boeing to test surface water for contaminates near Auburn plant

SEATTLE - Crews will begin collecting water samples in Algona next month to determine if groundwater contamination from a nearby Boeing plant is affecting road ditches and winter-time ponds in the area.

The Department of Ecology says these samples are part of an ongoing investigation evaluating
groundwater contamination caused from previous releases of solvents used at Boeing's Auburn plant.

Environmental contractors will first collect samples from city storm ditches in the residential area near the plant. Then later this fall and winter residents from approximately 32 homes in the study area will be asked if water collects in ponds on their property and if so, the contractors will ask permission to take samples of that water.

During the wet season groundwater can mix with rainwater, especially in Algona, according to the Department of Ecology.

Previous groundwater studies in Auburn and Algona, outside of the Boeing property, have shown low levels of chemicals associated with solvents previously used by the aircraft manufacturer. However, the Department of Health found the levels of contaminates were not likely to cause health issues for people who may come into contact with it.

The Department of Ecology says the city's water supply from Auburn and Algona is safe to drink.

Residents living in or near the study area should receive more information about the project in the mail.