Boeing CEO: 777X assembly site to be chosen within 3 months

Boeing will move swiftly to locate its 777X assembly line, the company's chief executive is saying.

Jim McNerney tells Bloomberg News the company will make the decision within 3 months.

Boeing announced it would look for alternatives outside Puget Sound, after International Association of Machinists members rejected an 8 year contract extension that would have kept the project in Everett.

If orders announced at this weekend's Dubai Air Show are any indication, the 777X is already a wild success.

"Response has been quite frankly overwhelming," McNerney said as the show came to a close. "We have secured launch commitments for 259 airplanes from four of the world's most highly respected airlines."

The orders worth nearly $100 Billion came from Qatar Air, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, and Lufthansa.

The orders make the 777X pre-sale "the largest product launch in commercial jetliner history," McNerney said.

As for where the new plane will be assembled, McNerney told Bloomberg News "We have a number of alternatives. We are going through an evaluation right now."

The company has a self-imposed deadline to deliver the plane by 2020. Machinists may have made it tougher for Boeing to meet that deadline when they rejected the contract extension.