Bill requires city vending machines be stocked with healthy snacks

The Seattle City Council is considering legislation designed to provide city employees with healthier snacking options in their vending machines.

Council Bill 117710 requires all vending machines operated on city property to stock food and beverage options defined as "healthier" and "healthiest" by the King County Healthy Vending Guidelines. These standards are based upon calories, fat, sugar and sodium content.

"This is one way that we can support healthy and productive city employees," states councilmember Richard Conlin, sponsor of the legislation. "Healthy vending provides opportunities for city employees to consume more nutritious food and beverages while at work."

Mayor Mike McGinn has expressed his support of the bill.

"We are committed to providing healthier choices for our employees," said McGinn. "This partnership with Seattle & King County Public Health is only the latest of our efforts to support a healthy work place."

The department of parks and recreation began stocking their vending machines with "healthier" and "healthiest" items in 2010.

"Vending machines with healthier snacks create more readily available healthy options," said Dr. David Fleming, Director and Health Officer for Public Health - Seattle & King County. "I applaud the City of Seattle for leading institutional changes that promote health."