Bicycle crash survivor credits helmet for saving life

SEATTLE -- To look at him now, you might think someone did something vicious to 11-year-old Andrew Madrid. Cuts line is face and his left eye is a pulsing hue of purple. It's also swollen shut.

For Andrew, it could have been worse. But he wore his bicycle helmet instead.

"They didn't yield for him. They said that they didn't see him," Andrew's mother Gina Madrid said. She has been watching him since Andrew was hit by a driver on Auburn Way Monday afternoon.

He was crossing the street with his bike. He was wearing his helmet and doing everything right. The helmet saved his life, but did not protect everything.

"A broken eye socket. A broken nose. A fractured pelvis bone and a fractured tailbone," Gina Madrid said.

Friday afternoon, family members showed Andrew the helmet. It was still intact, but had hard scuff marks and some dents. He fumbled with it for a few minutes and looked it over, impressed by the protection plastic and foam can provide.

He wants to share the lesson he already knows. So slightly mumbled through broken teeth and painful cuts, he mustered the words to other kids: "If you don't own a helmet, it can be a serious or fatal injury."

The driver was cited by police for failing to yield.