Bellingham mother upset about school bus incident

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Two children were injured last Friday when a Bellingham school bus driver made a sudden stop.

The school district says it doesn't believe the driver did anything wrong, but at least one local mother disagrees.

Eleven-year old Egypt Duckett wasn't in school on Tuesday after she hurt her wrist on the bus last week. As Egypt and her mother tell it, the 6th grader was on the bus to Shuksan Middle School when the driver stopped short.

Egypt and another child were injured as they hit something and fell.

"Everybody starts flying forward because they're not expecting it," Egypt said.

The school district said there were "student behavior issues" on the bus and the driver needed to turn around and stop to address it.

Egypt's mother Tanya says there's no excuse for injuring a child.

"To me, that's aggressive behavior," she said. "If you need to stop the bus, you need to pull over and stop, not slam on your brakes, regardless of what the kids are doing on the bus."

District officials said they investigated the incident, did some re-training and reached out to parents. They also said the bus driver did nothing wrong.

Tonight, the Duckett family just hopes that training comes with tolerance and that all drivers are more kind, especially considering their precious cargo.

"If it happens again, it might be worse next time," Tanya said. "Especially with no seat belts on the bus."

On Tuesday, the district released a statement on the issue saying, "The rest of the riders reported they were fine and attended class on Friday." It went on to say, "The driver has not had prior incidents. The safety of our students is extremely important to us."