Bellevue wall prompts passersby to face mortality, life goals

BELLEVUE, Wash.--If you've driven in downtown Bellevue recently--you may have noticed something new.

It's a billboard bucket list that asks for very personal answers in a very public way.

It's no secret that Bellevue is booming.

You see it as sky scrapers go up, and as old fast food joints come down.

But lately, Bellevue's pulse throbs strongest on the corner of Main Street and Bellevue Way--where some people stop and consider what they'll do before that pulse ends.

The sign on the wall there has the phrase "Before I die," than prompts passersby to add the rest.

"It's pretty heavy I guess, having to face your own mortality," Matthew Utley said.

Still, it's the question this interactive, "fill in the blank," art exhibit poses.

What would otherwise be just another construction site is instead a canvas of aspirations, no matter what those might be.

"Adopt a penguin," wrote one person. "Meet big bird," wrote another.

The wall is the brain child of a Bellevue couple who was inspired by 100 other walls in countries across the world. They've turned up everywhere from Wall Street in New York City to now Main Street in Bellevue, where Cheryl and Spencer Fowers answer by saying they hope to adopt a child.

"We just think that would be a great thing to do before we die to start our family that way," Cheryl Fowers said. "Hopefully a long time before we die."

"Yeah, hopefully a long time before we die," Spencer Fowers said.

When it gets full the wall is photographed and erased. The organizers got approval to use the building from the landowners and the city.

It makes you stop and think about things and be still for a bit--even though there's so much change going on.