Bellevue beating victim released from hospital

SEATTLE -- The former college football player who was left for dead last month on a street near his Bellevue home was finally able to leave the hospital on Thursday.

J.D. Aylward has been {A href=""}fighting for his life since he was found battered and bloodied on a Bellevue street after a night of celebrating.

On Thursday, the 24-year-old was finally able to pack up his meds and presents -- including a signed Seahawks football -- and leave the hospital.

"Definitely the little things help you get through situations, so it was nice of them to come in here and give me a gift," Aylward said.

Aylward doesn't remember seeing the Seahawks stop by. In fact, he doesn't remember much at all about the horrible event last month that landed him in Harborview Medical Center.

And Aylward isn't the only one looking for answers, either.

"It's still unknown how he sustained the serious injuries. It's all part of the investigation," said Carla Iafrate of the Bellevue Police Department.

The former Boise State football star was able to walk out of the hospital on Thursday, but he'll be back five days a week for therapy and surgery to repair his skull.

Before going home, his mother brought him back to the Bellevue intersection where she almost lost her only son. Unfortunately, the site didn't spark a memory breakthrough.

"I don't even feel like I was here, so I guess the answer's no," Aylward said. "Hearing about it, seeing it, it's not like I remember I was here."

Bellevue police are hoping someone remembers something and will come forward.

In the meantime, Aylward is looking forward to moving on with his life. In order to do that, he's going to need help. To help pay for his mounting medical bills, Aylward's friends from his days at Sammamish High School are throwing a fundraiser on Saturday at noon at the Impact Strength and Performance gym in Bellevue.