Beer-making OK'd for old Olympia brewery at Tumwater

TUMWATER, Wash. (AP) - The former Olympia Brewery has been vacant for a decade, but a deed restriction has been lifted that could allow a smaller brewer to start making beer again in Tumwater.

The former owner lifted a restriction that prevented alcohol from being produced - so a competitor couldn't move in, said commercial real estate broker Troy Dana who has been trying to sell the property.

Dana is reoffering the property to smaller breweries that have expressed interest in the past, The Olympian reported.

"It's going to change the perception of the complex dramatically," Dana said. "It's a whole new product and a whole new opportunity."

The deed restriction was a deal killer for other breweries, said redevelopment project manager Michael Matthias, who was hired by the city of Tumwater and Thurston Economic Development Council to advance the development process.

"Now we don't need to have that discussion," he said. "I'm delighted that it's off and free."

Plans to bottle water at the brewery after it closed in 2003 went down the drain and much of the property went into foreclosure.