Basset hound gets stuck in drainage pipe...again

SEATTLE -- Some dogs love tennis balls; others love Frisbees. Nina, a 4-year-old basset hound in North Seattle, appears to love drainage pipes.

Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Public Utilities crews had to use a remote-controlled vehicle to chase Nina out of a drainage pipe for the second time in less than a year Thursday.

Nina's owner called 911 around 11:30 a.m. after the dog crawled 40 feet into a pipe in the 12800 block of Corliss Avenue North, according to the Fire Department.

Four firefighters tried to coax Nina out of the pipe, which was a tight fit for the dog, to no avail.

The firefighters ended up digging through several feet of dirt and cutting a hole in the middle of the pipe. Meanwhile, a Seattle Public Utilities crew used a camera-mounted, remote-controlled vehicle to chase Nina toward the hole.

After 90 minutes, Nina was lifted out of the hole and reunited with her owner, who should be getting used to this kind of thing.

Back in April, Nina escaped from her outdoor pen and wandered 250 feet into a drainage pipe around the block from the pipe in Thursday's incident.

The pipe was too small for her to back up, so Seattle Public Utilities and the Seattle Fire Department were called in to help.

They used the camera-mounted, remote-controlled vehicle (which really should be named in Nina's honor at this point) to find her and chase her out of the pipe.

After that first incident, Nina's owner said he would add another lock to Nina's pen. Maybe it's time to think about a third one.