Bank security guard recovering from vicious stabbing

SEATTLE -- Devon Clemmer wasn't supposed to be at work. At least not in Seattle. He has the scars to prove it.

The Bank of America security guard was stabbed twice in the abdomen on First Hill Tuesday morning. King County Sheriff's Office investigators say a man went inside the bank to open a checking account, but left.

Clemmer said that suspect walked up to him and started making small talk.

"He was like, 'Hey, how much do you get paid there?' And as I started talking to him, '13 dollars,' he pulled out his knife and started stabbing me real quick," Clemmer said.

The man ran off and Clemmer, who's an Iraq War veteran, stumbled inside. He dialed 911 himself and then had to walk tellers and customers through first aid.

"I was like, 'You need to get the presser dressing, you need some gauze and you need to start applying pressure to my chest,'" he said.

Clemmer was stitched and stapled up and now has to take three different medications nearly every other hour. He has to pace around his house to keep the muscles from tightening up and hurting more.

Clemmer wasn't supposed to even be at work that day. He was given a half hour notice to come into work to fill in for someone who was sick.

"Kind of ironic," he said.

The suspect was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after a deputy noticed the man during previous patrols. KCSO says the man admitted to the crime to SPD officers.

Clemmer expects to be back to work in a little more than a month.