Babysitting Seattle child molester could face life sentence

SEATTLE -- A Seattle child molester now faces a possible life sentence following allegations that he sexually assaulted a preschool-age girl he was babysitting.

Previously convicted in an attack on a 7-year-old, William Lee Bragg is alleged to have sexually assaulted another girl in 2009. King County prosecutors contend the girl recently came forward with the allegations against Bragg, who has been charged with child molestation.

Bragg's criminal history includes a sexual assault conviction from 1991 as well as a misdemeanor assault conviction in 1985 that stemmed from allegations he sexually assaulted another young girl. Writing the court, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Carol Spoor noted Bragg was investigated on two other occasions and convicted in 1999 of failing to maintain his sex offender registration.

As a possible repeat offender, Bragg, 65, could be held indefinitely if convicted in the current case, the prosecutor continued in court papers.

"The defendant is facing potential life in prison as it appears he is a persistent sex offender," Spoor told the court. She went on to describe Bragg as "an ongoing threat to minors in the community."

Bragg is alleged to have sexually assaulted a girl whom he was babysitting at his Belltown apartment, located in the 2600 block of Fourth Avenue. According to charging documents, Bragg forced the girl to perform oral sex on him.

Contacted by Seattle police in August, Bragg acknowledged babysitting the girl but denied any misconduct.

Prosecutors have charged Bragg with first-degree child molestation. A $1 million warrant for his arrest has been issued.