AWOL van arrives, but woman's moving nightmare not over yet

PACIFIC, Wash. -- A KOMO 4 Problem Solvers investigation into a moving company has helped reunite a family with some of its cherished belongings.

After more than a week of broken promises and excuses, the moving truck finally arrived this weekend and unloaded about two-thirds of Linda Batchelor and her family's belongings.

Batchelor, her daughter and her two grandchildren are moving to Pacific from California. It's been anything but smooth.

"There's 61 boxes missing, a whole lot of damage," Batchelor said. "It's devastating."

The Problem Solvers launched an investigation into Ally Relocations out of California after Batchelor called us when her belongings were a week overdue -- and she couldn't get straight answers about when they would arrive.

They never returned her calls, nor the Problem Solvers'.

But Sunday, she's celebrating a partial victory.

"I believe, sincerely believe, if you guys would have not stepped in they would not have delivered to us today," she said.

The supervisor of the moving crew did say he got a call from a guy to deliver the truck to Batchelor's address, but claims he knows nothing else. He and his partner left pretty quickly after our camera crew arrived.

Meanwhile, Batchelor says she is planning to file a formal complaint and is considering a lawsuit. We will work with this family to make sure they get all their belongings.