Awesome! Hilarious! These are the most overused words on the Internet

Hashtags and @ tags may have changed the way we talk and think, but most the overused words on the internet predate Twitter and Facebook by a long shot. These colloquialisms were familiar before the days of the World Wide Web -- but now, they're so ubiquitous, they're a bit nauseating.

According to Motherboard, the internet is filthy with adjectives that offer entirely too much credit to people, places, and things. Not only are these words being used to modify things that are definitely not as "epic" or "awesome," they're being used to modify almost every single thing.

Here's Motherboard's list:

  • Hilarious

  • Insane

  • Mind-blowing

  • Awesome

  • Innovative

  • Epic

  • Stunning

  • Cutting edge

  • Game-changing

Do you have some favorite/least favorite overused words? Share them in the comments.