Auctioneer replaces sound of music at Easy Street Records

SEATTLE - Instead of the beat of music, it was the sound of the auctioneer Sunday at the beloved Easy Street Records store on Queen Anne.

It was not the sound that local music lovers wanted to hear.

The store was packed this morning with longtime customers looking for a piece of music memorabilia from one of their favorite hangouts.

"There's a ton of cool posters from some good artists," said Tyler Alexis, who showed up for the auction.

"Vampire weekend, commemorative 500,ooo sale album kind of thing," added Josh Spehn.

Molly Anderson was there, too. "My brother is a huge Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder fan, so that's kind of what we had our eye on," she said.

Everything had to go, from racks to thousands of iconic posters.

"We'll see - there's so many posters and the way they are going to sell it you just get a box of random posters and see what you get," said Leah Glauber.

Easy Street's Queen Anne store is the victim of its own great location. The rent just got too high for the owner to keep the discs spinning.

"It sucks," said Spehn. "I think they are putting a bank here or something. So to go from something like this to a bank is lame."

"I am heartbroken to see it gone," said Anderson. "I think this is what makes Queen Anne so special is, we have this local off-the-beaten-path places."

The Easy Street staff had never done an auction before. They did their best to get through the thousands of items, telling the crowd that the most important thing was that the pieces of their store find good homes.

"Sad to see it go," said Alexis.

Easy Street's original West Seattle location is staying open. The Queen Anne location will become a Chase Bank branch.