Auburn mom angry over Facebook page urging baby shaking

AUBURN -- When Jamie Thompson stumbled across a Facebook page that urged people to shake crying infants, her heart nearly dropped.

For the past three years, the Auburn mom has been providing round-the-clock care for her son Colby, a 4-year-old who was left brain damaged by a baby-sitter who violently shook him in May 2010.

Seeing it joked about on Facebook was too much.

"It really really ticked me off," she said.

The KOMO 4 Problem Solvers submitted a friend request to view the site more fully, but within hours of being granted access the page came down. Thompson made a screen grab of what she considers the most offensive comments before the page disappeared.

"Are you tired of incessant baby crying?" Thompson said, reading the website aloud. "Then join the National Shaken Baby League today."

Despite the page coming down, copycat sites quickly sprung up on Facebook pushing the same message, and listing the same site administrator.

Colby's mom says this goes beyond dark humor. She says her child will never be the same. Colby takes every meal through a feeding tube, all because of how a baby-sitter responded when he cried.

"Joking about somebody who was full of life and had that shaken out of them and now has a horrible brain injury and can't do anything for themselves, isn't funny," Thompson said.

Thompson said the shaken baby Facebook page promotes the worst of all messages, especially for young people who can spend so much time on-line.

"And so what if they are put in that position sometime where they have a seriously fussy baby, and then they think back to oh that's right you can just shake them it's OK," she said.

Thompson says it's not okay, and Colby is living proof.

Colby is on a state medical plan which pays for his constant care, but the family says state officials have rejected their request for a special vest that stimulates the boy's torso and encourages him to breathe. The family says they are on their third appeal, and the Problem Solvers are standing by to step in and help little Colby if the request is rejected again.