At Chanel, Indian elegance in silk and tweed

PARIS (AP) - Guests at Chanel's "Metiers d'art" show emerged with acute cases of sensory overload, as if they were first-time visitors to India.

Between the clothes - sophisticated Parisian takes on Indian staples, smothered in accessories - and the set - endless dinner tables heaped with a banquet fit for a Maharaja - you simply didn't know where to look on Tuesday.

Silk saris and tweed jackets don't sound like the ingredients of a fashion match made in heaven, but Karl Lagerfeld's Paris chic looked perfectly at home in his dreamy take on India.

The designer looked beyond the admittedly glaring differences between the two aesthetics - Parisiennes' obsession with black compared with Indians' enthusiastic embrace of the entire color wheel, for one - and tapped into something both cultures share: Elegance.