Assault charges filed in courthouse brawl

KENT, Wash. -- Newly obtained surveillance video sheds light on the Monday morning {A href=""}courthouse brawl that left a police detective, a prosecutor and a Renton man with cuts and bruises.

The melee began outside a courtroom at the Maleng Regional Justice Center at 9:30 a.m. Inside the courtroom, a man was being tried for his role in a 2012 drive-by shooting in Seattle, and police say 23-year old Aydriane Holloway was there to support the defendant.

Police say Holloway and several other witnesses, victims and supporters of the defendant began arguing outside the courthouse during a recess. When a plainclothes Seattle Police detective tried break it up, police say Holloway attacked him.

Holloway's family believes the police overreacted, but the detective said Holloway was the aggressor.

Holloway was back in court on Tuesday, but this time it was to face a judge on a pair of assault charges.

"Aydriane didn't egg anybody on. He just turned around to look, to see who was speaking to him, and he got beat," said Holloway's mother, Debbie Farmer.

Detectives say none of this would have happened if Holloway had not showed up to his friend's hearing and tried to intimidate the victim and witnesses, which sparked the scuffle outside of the courtroom.

"At one point, (Holloway) closed the distance between himself and the detective, thereby grabbing him by the collar of his coat and punching him in the face," said Kent Assistant Police Chief Pat Lowery.

Surveillance footage from the courthouse doesn't capture the punch, but once the angle shifts, the video appears to show Holloway being held down by several officers. The video also shows a deputy prosecutor curled up on the ground after he, too, was allegedly attacked by Holloway.

"And in the process of trying to pull the suspect off of the officer, (the prosecutor) was initially grabbed, brought to the ground, and kicked in the chest," Lowery said.

Holloway looked to have a swollen face at his Tuesday court appearance, and his family says he was brutalized by the police.

"I cried. That's my son's father. It's terrible. It's swollen," said Amanda Gablenz, who has a child with Holloway.

On Tuesday, a judge set Holloway's bail at $20,000, saying the courthouse attack made him a threat to public safety. His family strongly disagrees.

"It's making me lose faith in our system, and in the police," Farmer said.

Holloway has no prior convictions, but is named in a domestic violence protection order and had an arrest warrant out on a theft investigation. He'll be back in court on Thursday to face the assault charges.